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Get back in shape at Fitnostics, your health & fitness center Mystic CT. Our members and our staff are serious about your well-being. As a team, we work toward achieving your personal best. The path to success may vary from one individual to another. We help you set your goals and inspire you to fulfill them. Why join a gym? A fitness center is a space with exercise machines, weights, mats and dedicated certified personal trainers. Those qualities describe pretty much all the personal fitness centers in the greater New London area. What makes Fitnostics a cut above the area competition is a staff dedicated to your success.

Some people are born gym rats. They are born to move, they enjoy testing their physical limits, and they love a challenge. The rest of us – not so much. Perhaps you are preparing for a special event and want to look and feel your very best. Maybe you are a mom that wants to get your body back into shape shape. Others want to feel better, work off some stress, and take control of their weight. Whatever your goal, however you look when you first walk through the door, taking the first step is the hardest. Welcome to Fitnostics.

Why join Fitnostics? Fitnostics is a place where serious people like yourself can plan a routine that will improve your health and well-being. Whether you want to set new fitness goals, ease into an exercise routine, or begin a weight loss program, the dedicated professional staff at Fitnostics is there to stand by you. Our trainers are here to help you set goals, inspire you to work through the pain. When you need a cheerleader, we’re here for you. We have private, semi-private and team training. Fitnostics offers a military discount on all our membership packages. Our team of dedicated trainers are ready to help you begin your journey to health one step at a time. Call  (860) 245-8381 for information today.



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