Personal Training

Fitnostics fitness studio offers personal training in several different types of settings. We can accommodate the serious athlete who would like one-on-one fitness training. Our Certified personal trainers offer instruction in team and small group settings. Each 45 minute class is led by a Certified Personal Trainer and is tailored for optimum results.

Our clients possess a wide range of physical abilities with personal goals just as varied. Losing weight, building muscle, improving mobility, increasing stamina to play with the grandkids, even endurance training to run a 5K/10 K/Marathon are just a few goals that our clients have slayed!

While our clients are made up of all ages, and fitness levels, they share one important thing in common: a desire to be a healthier version of themselves.Are you ready to be a HEALTHIER VERSION OF YOU? Give us a call today and let us help you make it happen!