Marc de Labry


Certified Personal Trainer / NASM Certified Trainer

As a lifelong adventure athlete my passion in the gym stems from my love of the outdoors. I learned to ski at four years old and to surf at five. Throughout my life I’ve been torn between spending my time…



Certified Personal Trainer / Group Trainer Specialist / NASM Certified Trainer

Over the years she has struggled with her own weight and exercise goals. After coming to Fitnostics and losing 60 lbs she realized that training made the difference (well, that AND eating healthy!) She contacted the National Association of Sports…



Certified Instructor / Functional Movement Specialist / NASM Certified Trainer

Joe has been with Fitnostics since 2012, where he started as a NASM certified instructor. He has always been into fitness and all types of athleticism. Played football, baseball and ran track in high school, breaking a lot of records…



Certified Personal Trainer / Core Strength Specialist / NASM Certified Trainer

Wesley is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. She became a NASM certified personal trainer after an ACL tear ended her snowboarding career. After the knee injury, a tough surgery with a few complications, and a long rehab, she developed a…