Health Clubs – Ledyard CT

When you are looking at health clubs near Ledyard CT, we invite you to check out Fitnostics. We believe that Fitnostics can be your field of dreams, and all you have to do is show up. The Fitnostics staff is ready to help you reinforce your goals, find your motivation, and see you through your amazing journey toward optimal health. We stand beside you while you strive to meet your goals, and encourage you to set the bar higher. We believe that Fitnostics is a cut above other fitness studios in the area. As with any gym, you will find a space with exercise machines, weights, mats and dedicated certified personal trainers. What makes Fitnostics a cut above the area competition is a staff dedicated to your success.


The Fitnostics team has been where you are now. When you decide that that in order for things to change for the better, new habits must replace your old ones. It’s so easy to drift from day to day without a fitness plan. If you find you want to take charge of how well you look and feel about life, Fitnostics is the best place to start.  Here you can adopt a new attitude,  define your goals, and replace old habits with healthy ones. However you look when you first walk through the door, taking the first step is the hardest. Welcome to Fitnostics.

Fitnostics is a place where serious people like yourself can improve health and well-being. Whether you want to set new fitness goals, ease into an exercise routine, or begin a weight loss program, the dedicated professional staff at Fitnostics is there to stand by you. Our trainers are here to help you set goals, inspire you to work through the pain. When you need a cheerleader, we’re here for you. We have private, semi-private and team training. Our team of certified trainers are ready to help you begin your journey to health one step at a time. Our studio is a short drive from Ledyard and anywhere in the New London area. Call (860) 245-8381 for information today.