Certified Personal Trainer / NASM Certified Trainer

As a lifelong adventure athlete my passion in the gym stems from my love of the outdoors. I learned to ski at four years old and to surf at five. Throughout my life I’ve been torn between spending my time in the mountains or in the ocean. I majored in Marine Biology at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, where the water is warm and the surf is pumping. After graduating and needing some shade, my wife and I moved to Burlington, Vermont to become ski bums for a couple years. Once we were sufficiently frostbitten, it was time to get back to the beach, but this time Southern California was calling and we listened. We finally wanted to settle down and find a more well-rounded spot where we can have the best of both worlds and what better spot than this. My focus in the gym is preparing people for their lives outside of the gym. I love breaking down the movements of your favorite activity and coming up with creative ways to train them in the gym to ensure that your workout is fun and engaging, and that it truly enhances your life outside of here. Whether you’re trying to get more runs in on the slopes or make bringing in groceries a breeze, I’ll help bring out a more capable you.