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Monty is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer with a background in dynamic conditioning. Monty’s specialty is running (track and trail), which has contributed to him losing over 100lbs and maintaining healthy habits. Over the last several years, he has coordinated Fitnostics’ events and community outreach programs. Monty has a colorful personality and is a trainer with a genuine interest for helping clients develop and achieve goals and to make positive (healthy) differences in their lives and the lives of others through fitness. His mantra is that everyone is awesome, fitness DOES make a difference! Through encouragement and support he wants to help clients attain their NEXT LEVEL of AWESOME!

Coach Monty understands many of the real world obstacles that clients’ face; performance and corrective programming, injury prevention, mobilization technique, form proficiency, flexibility, and nutrition, which include those he himself has struggled with personally over the years.



Joe has been with Fitnostics since 2012, where he startedd as a N.A.S.M. certified instructor.  He has always been into fitness and all types of athleticism.  Played football, baseball and ran track in high school, breaking a lot of records in the 100m, 200m and long jump.  After high school he got into strength training and learning how to bulk up and put on muscle.  Once that avenue seemed to be exhausted, he wanted more and wanted to start a career in the fitness industry.

 After being with Fitnostics for two years, he started sales and management training.  Along the way, learning about people more and more and how to understand what each individual needs mentally, physically and emotionally.  Connecting with each client on so many levels is what makes him different from other fitness trainers.

 On March 8th 2016, he bought into Fitnostics where he is now in a three way partnership with two other great co-owners.  His passion is to help others be the best they can be in the health and fitness field no matter the age or level of fitness they are in. He is always up to date on the latest training techniques and attends “Perform Better” conferences every year, where top trainers and chiropractors lecture and do hands on workshops on the most up and coming information.

Joe’s favorite part of the day is when a client leaves a session knowing that they were better than they were yesterday and thank him for it. High energy and positive thoughts are what drive him to support each and every one of his clients to success.



Paula is NASM Certified Personal Trainer/Group Trainer Specialist.  Married (to John) with one child (son Adam) and a lovable pug named Otis.

Over the years she has struggled with her own weight and exercise goals.  After coming to Fitnostics and losing 60 lbs she realized that training made the difference (well, that AND eating healthy!). 

She contacted the National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM) and began her certification.  Over the last few years she has continued to learn and grow in the fitness industry. 

Her experience as a mentor and leader in her 30 year career at Pfizer added with the skills taught through NASM make her a coach that leads with motivational support and guidance.