Stonington's Premier Fitness Studio

Fitnostics is Stonington’s premier fitness studio, offering personal training in team and small group settings. Each 45 minute class is led by a Certified Personal Trainer and is tailored for optimum results.

Our clients possess a wide range of physical abilities with personal goals just as varied. Losing weight, building muscle, improving mobility, increasing stamina to play with the grandkids, even endurance training to run a 5K/10 K/Marathon are just a few goals that our clients have slayed!

While our clients are made up of all ages, and fitness levels, they share one important thing in common: a desire to be a healthier version of themselves. Are you ready to be a HEALTHIER VERSION OF YOU? Give us a call today and let us help you make it happen!


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Weight Loss, Nutrition, Accountability, Health & Fitness Goals.
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Team Training

Personal training in a group setting up to 16 people maximum. Higher energy and intensity sessions with a lot of teamwork and fun!

Semi Private Training

Smaller group training with up to 4 people maximum. This allows for a more personal and detailed experience without the cost of a private session.

Private 1 on 1 Training

This is a one on one experience with one trainer specifically working to identify your specific needs and goals whether it be fat loss, strength gain or even better sleep patterns. Details about healthy nutrition also included in this package.


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If you need a Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, or Nutrition Counseling, feel free to contact us.