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How this Gym Overcame Covid-19

Fitnostics is a premier fitness studio with an open and airy environment located in Stonington, CT. Though Covid-19 was an event that has impacted all small businesses around the globe, this one in particular has been able to adapt in order to continue it's pursuit of keeping it's fit family in shape.

Team training on a Saturday morning in this open, airy, and well ventilated facility.

One of the main concerns health experts have had about the virus is how readily it can spread through the air via respiratory droplets, especially in confined spaces. Fortunately for Fitnostics, the studio is spacious enough to allow for 8 clients at a time and has excellent ventilation. Not only that, the business offers something unique for those who prefer to quarantine. Online zoom sessions are offered to members so they can still join in all the fun from the comfort of their home. Personal Trainer and Co-Owner, Joe Lyons, talks about how special the opportunity to keep people in shape during these unprecedented times has been. "My favorite part of the day is when a client leaves a session knowing that they were better than they were yesterday. High energy and positive thoughts are what drive me to support each and every one of his clients to success. Being able to still do that in the midst of a pandemic is something that I truly don't take for granted."

Fitnostics personal trainer and co-owner Joe Lyons

Joe is the mastermind behind Fitnostics' ability to continue through it all. His classes are still filling up each week, safely of course, and he's still able to provide unmatched motivation to all his clients. Jenna Ketelhut, one of Fitnostics members, talks about how thankful she is that they have been there for her during these tough times. "I'm so thankful to be able to have a gym like Fitnostics that cares so much about their clients. The personal experience they offer is second to none. I don't know where I would be without them. At the beginning of the pandemic, they were able to adapt so quickly and efficiently to cater to all of us stuck at home. Before they opened back up they continued to communicate with all of us, sending personalized workout plans for us to do at home. When they eventually were able to open back up, they made sure that the gym was clean and ready enough for us all to safetly return. You can tell they truly care about their clients."

Through online zoom sessions and smaller group training classes, Fitnostics made huge strides in overcoming the obstacles this virus has created. The motivation Joe and his team offer is more contagious than the virus itself. It's no wonder it's clients are so appreciative of everything they have to offer.

To learn more about the Fitnostics visit their website at

Fitnostics is Stonington’s premier fitness studio, offering personal training in team and small group settings. Each 45 minute class is led by a Certified Personal Trainer and is tailored for optimum results.

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